Tyre Disposal

All tyre deliveries must be booked in advance to help reduce the amount of people on site at anytime and reduce waiting times.

Car Tyres: Car tyres including car, van, 4x4, bicycle, motorcycle, go-kart tyres and similar.

HGV Tyres: Class 1 and Class 2 ( Class C+E). Generally ranging from 17.5 to 22 inch.

Agricultural Tyres: Tyres designed to be used on farms only. This does not include industrial tyres.

Industrial Tyres: Forklift, aircraft, crane and OTR tyres are by prior arrangement only. Please call to discuss.

Equestrian Rubber

We are generally a trade based company so we don’t offer a delivery service. You are welcome to collect by any means, or we can recommend some haulage companies if required.

Our rubber is sold by the metric ton and is charged to the nearest 20kgs meaning you only pay for the amount you receive, and we recommend 25kgs per square metre.

The rubber can be sold either in bags or loose and we recommend 25kgs per square metre to give a depth of 50mm.

Loose: Our rubber is sold by the metric ton and is charged to the nearest 20kgs meaning you only pay for the amount you receive.

Bagged: The rubber is the same price per ton plus a small fee for bag, pallet & labour for filling. Any amount can be put in a bag, up to 1200kgs.

Tyre Derived Fuels (TDF/Shreds)

We supply a variety of sizes of shredded tyres, commonly called Tyre Derived Fuel or TDF, for use in cement kilns and similar. Due to the high calorific value of tyres, TDF actually helps to lower emissions from many kilns, thanks mainly to the reduced fuel consumption. In some instances, the steel also helps to change the chemical properties of the ash, enabling further processing of this ash into other products, another benefit over alternative fuels. This TDF is produced in accordance with PAS107, the industry guidelines ensuring high quality and consistency. Common sizes are: 300, 100, 50, 20 and 10 mm. All are produced to order. We can load this material into walking floor or tipper trailers for the domestic market or delivery to port, or we can load containers loose or with bags

Tyre Sidewalls for Silage clamps

We can cut the sidewall out of tyres which are then suitable for use on silage clamps. When laid face down on the silage, they allow the water to run out, meaning no stagnant water. They are cut using specialist machinery to ensure a clean cut, any loose hairs of wire are trimmed if required. The Sidewalls are approximately 1 metre in diameter and can be carried individually by hand, transported using a bale tine or similar, then stacked on pallets when not in use. We can supply any quantity and generally supply bundles of 40.

Tyre Wire / Tyre Steel

As we shred the tyres, we extract the steel at various stages to ensure we supply a clean rubber. This steel is then baled into low-density bales. The steel contains rubber contamination of approximately 20% so is ideal feed-stock for further processing. The low density bales allow quick and efficient loading and handling. We are currently supplying a UK Foundry with all the material we can produce, but will answer any questions regarding this product.

Tyre Bales

We have the ability to produce tyre bales to PAS108 standard and also 3-cut truck tyre bales. However, this is not part of our daily activities and generally only done during times of maintenance elsewhere in the factory.