Tyre Disposal

Car Tyre disposal

Tyres delivered:

Car - £130.00/ton (approx. £1.00 pence each) – Including bicycle, motorbike and van tyres.

Car tyres & wheels -£130.00/ton (approx. £2.00 each)

HGV tyre disposal

Tyres delivered:

HGV/Truck - £150/ton (approx. £6.80 each) – Including Class 1 & Class 2 HGV vehicles only.

HGV/Truck & wheels - £150/ton – Including Class 1 and Class 2 HGV vehicles only.

Agrcultural tyres

Tyres delivered:

Agricultural - £200/ton – Strictly tyres designed for farm use only.

We do not charge for a full 1000Kgs, only what you deliver, all deliveries are charged by weight, to the nearest 20kgs. Payment is by card or cash at the time of delivery and prices are plus VAT. Full VAT receipts and waste transfer notes will be issued at the time. Loads can be split, as long as the vehicle re-weighs in-between each tyre type. Card payments can be done over the phone if required.

We do not accept forklift tyres, caterpillar tracks, earth moving tyres or any form of industrial tyre. Tyres must be free from dirt, stone, metal or any other contaminants, a £100.00/ton fine, on top of the base rate, applies for contaminated loads. Please ensure skips, trailers, vehicles are clean before loading, and that all tyres are checked.

Corona-virus update.

1. All deliveries need to be booked, in advance to help reduce the number of people on site at any time.

2. No drivers are to enter the office, all paperwork and payments will be done through the weighbridge window. Where possible, please bring your own pen to reduce handling of shared items.